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Why us?

Faircape offers an independent off site accredited ISO 9001:2008 control centre, where our skilled staff are continuously analysing situations allowing for appropriate, proactive intevention.

Why remote CCTV monitoring?

in todays ever evolving world, traditional CCTV camera systems are simply not effective enough and physical bariers such as burglar bars, electrified fencing and guards are no longer enough to stop criminals.

Why analytics?

The technology for video camera management has made huge advances since the earlier days on installations of the CCTV systems. There is an increaing use of video analytics assisting the CCTV operator to detect and identify.

Benefits offered

Advanced camera equipment, professionally trained and registered controllers. 24 Hour a day, 7 days a week live monitoring services. Remote access to view cameras and incident reports through client portal.

Affordable Real Time Offsite Secure Solution

Secure solutions to protect your business, assets and reduce risk

Whether you need monitoring of your business or your home estae, with our advance ISO 9001:2008 certified remote CCTV monitoring facility we have the skilled personnel and services to fulfil your unique requirements. We specialize in Business Parks, Private Residential Holdings, Healthcare Manors, Retirement/ Lifestyle villages and Estates.

We offer tailor made solutions to accommodate all your security needs.