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Why Faircape Surveillance Services?

Faircape offers an independent, off-site accredited, ISO 9001:2008 control centre, where our skilled staff continuously analyse the video data, allowing for appropriate, proactive intervention when situations arise.

By using our remote monitoring service and Analytic ®VideoIQ technology, we can send alerts to on-site security or your chosen armed response company. They in turn can intercept perpetrators and contact the relevant authorities in emergency situations.

Our ability to monitor a large area and gather visual evidence remotely with our cameras, allows you to reduce your on-site physical security complement. This can lead to significant reduction in manned guarding expenses. You may also want us to monitor your security guards, ensuring that they are fulfilling their mandated services.

Call us now for a (no obligation) site assessment and quote or to take a tour of our control centre.

Why remote CCTV monitoring?

In our evolving world, traditional CCTV camera systems are simply not effective. Physical deterrents alone are also not enough to stop criminals. An integrated system of live surveillance, physical barriers, and pro-active guarding is your most secure option.

The number one factor in choosing remote monitoring is that it gives you the power of intervention.

Without live monitoring services, your CCTV camera footage will give you the recorded playback on unwanted events instead of allowing you to prevent them.

Why Analytics?

Video analytics actively assist the CCTV operator to detect and identify potential situations and act timeously to prevent unwanted situations.

The use of analytics substantially increases the CCTV operator’s ability to detect and manage all security breaches.

The good news is that both existing and new cameras can be connected to this world class video analytics system. VideoIQ offers additional value through its ability to classify people and vehicles, while eliminating normal scene activity such as moving trees, leaves, and shadows.