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We offer reliable security solutions to protect your assets, safeguard your business, and reduce your risk.

Whether you need monitoring of your business or your home estate, with our advance ISO 9001:2008 certified remote CCTV monitoring facility, we have the skilled personnel and services to fulfill your unique requirements. We specialize in Business Parks, Private Residential Holdings, Healthcare Manors, Retirement/ Lifestyle villages, and Estates.

We offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate all your security needs.

Command Centre

See our control room, the operators work stations with their high definition viewing screens, and the managers in action.

CCTV Footage Night Action

This footage shows a suspected stolen vehicle is being pursued by the SAPS and the subsequent arrest of two suspects. This is a prime example of the symbiotic relationship that FSS has with law enforcement and private security. Good quality video footage becomes a priceless tool when evidence is required in court cases.

CCTV Footage Night Quality

Nighttime CCTV has always been particularly challenging to monitor. Fortunately, our high-quality day/night capable cameras are able to capture improved definition and detail at night and in inclement weather conditions, as indicated by this footage. The operator detects two suspicious males entering a secure village on foot and notifies the on-site security. We have direct contact with most armed response services and are able to monitor their response time and actions.

Communication and Response

This video is a prime example of the symbiotic relationships established with on-site security. Through monitoring a theft in progress and coordinating security teams - the situation was successfully contained.

Good to note: When dealing with new clients, perimeter and internal layouts of the premises are assessed to identify weak points and determine optimal camera positions to ensure effective observation and coverage.

CCTV Footage Versatility

In this footage, the surveillance operator detects that a patron’s car has not been properly locked and notifies the on-site security so that they can check and secure the vehicle. our staff is trained to look for these sort of anomalies as well as suspicious behavior in order to pre-empt theft or a crime. You will notice that the camera is able to pan, tilt and zoom. This gives our operators an added advantage in ensuring that detailed footage is captured, maintaining continuity through multiple angle surveillance.

CCTV Footage Quality

This video captures a street scene that showcases the clear image quality and high resolution our equipment is capable of. These cameras were positioned due to the area being assessed as high-risk. The client was advised that these camera positions would give clear views of the perimeter of the building, and contribute to tenant safety in the streets below.